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Facebook messenger: BnButlers Aruba

Contact us via Facebook Messenger by clicking the “white &  blue messenger icon” right below on the screen or find us via messenger search: “BnButlers Aruba”.

Although we are available during office hours directly via our facebook messenger chat, after office hours you can always email us your inquiry and we will get back to you asap.

Address: Salina Cerca 47, Noord, Aruba

Office located within the gated community of Merlot Villas Aruba.

Airbnb host & property managers

Vacation rental and airBnB owners, please contact us here

How can we help?

Please fill out the following form and provide as many details and preferences as you can (f.e. number of persons, what part of the day you prefer etc), anything that can help us to recommend you best. The better you inform us, the better we can help you.


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